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"Caribbean People... a people in my opinion unique in the modern world. This is the theme which I will develop. I know nobody like them, nobody like us, both positively and negatively." 
CLR James, The Making of Carribean People, Canada 19

The West Indies Psychological Company (WIPC) has as its mission providing legal professionals in the Eastern Caribbean with the highest level of forensic psychological services. The people of the Eastern Caribbean have distinctive ways of viewing the world, relating to others, and considering law and punishment. We believe that the psychological evaluation of West Indians facing criminal complaints is a clinical art that requires a deep familiarity with vernacular linguistic norms, a knowledge of the variety of local culture-bound pathologies, and a lived awareness of the role that both colonialism and rapid globalization play in shaping regional criminality. The WIPC brings a high level of clinical science and cultural knowledge to the assessment of psychopathology in capital crimes, competency to stand trial, sentencing mitigation, cognitive abilities, and custody evaluations.

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