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Glenn A. E. Griffin is Professor of Psychology in the Department of Critical Theory and
Social Justice at Occidental College in Los Angeles ( His academic work is in the areas of post structural and postcolonial theory. As a postcolonial theorist he specializes in the intellectual history of the Eastern Caribbean. His teaching and writing have focused primarily on the works of Martiniquais psychologist Frantz Fanon, the Guyanese activist Walter Rodney, Trinidadian political theorist CLR James, and the Jamaican liberation figure, Marcus Garvey. He also teaches the poetic work of Aimé Césaire and Kamau Brathwaite. Professor Griffin’s work in Postcolonial Theory has appeared in the major Caribbean Journals, Transition, SmallAxe, Interventions, and Caribbean Quarterly. Further, Dr. Griffin educates students and the public on the history and present-ness of Rastafari. He is Rasta.


In addition to his academic work, Dr. Griffin has, since 1989, worked as a clinical and
forensic psychologist. His clinical and forensic expertise has involved some of the most
notable crimes in the Caribbean, including the Cathedral Murder case in St. Lucia, and the
Gonzales Massacre in Trinidad.  His expert witness work in the United has included
psychological forensic examinations, expert testimony, and Expert Opinion Reports in
support of Afro-Caribbean people in the US. He has provided Expert Witness work for the
American Civil Liberties Union on cases regarding the rights of incarcerated Rastafarians to
wear Dreadlocks. 



Donald R. Loftsgordon  Award.png

Three-time recipient of the Donald R. Loftsgordon Award for Distinguished Teaching at Occidental College, Los Angeles.

Three-time recipient of the OpenCare Patient’s Choice Award for Best Psychologists in Los Angeles.

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