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The Antillean Hallucination: Heterology of the After

The Antillean Postcolony is a work in postcolonial theory, critical theory, and cultural life. Its anticipated place in the existing literature is at the intersection of Antillean postcolonial resistance writings, Caribbean literature, and the critical application of poststructural thought. The Antillean Postcolony recognizes, theorizes, and extends emergent Antillean epistemic practices into a new theoretical and political foundation for Antillean postcoloniality. It proposes an Antillean colonial Afterward. The terms after, afterward, afterword, or aftertime are offered as alternatives to the moribund term ‘postcolonial.’ The term “After” accommodates the intersectional complexity of living in the imitation, agreement, and consequence of European colonialism, but also in its succession, in the idiomatic moment of ‘after all of that’, and in those delights that come after a bitter course--the ‘afters.’ By this term, ‘the Antillean’ is recognized as constructing and deploying a set of distinctive Antillean geo-epistemes and knowledge positions at work beneath, before, and beyond the ban of colonial time. This aftertime exists in a possessive excession of both the European intellectual colonialism and the existing Caribbean anticolonial intellectual, literary, and political work.

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